Tuesday, May 26, 2009



$1200 Over And Over!

Patented,Time-Tested System!

No Recruiting Required - EVER!

Company Sponsors People For YOU!

YOU Determine How Much Money YOU Want Monthly
By Purchasing 2x2 Commission Centers!

One Commission Center Pays $1,200 A Month!
Two Commission Centers Pay $2,400 A Month!
Five Commission Centers Pay $6,000 A Month!

Pays Weekly!

1. It's extremely affordable to join...
2. Starts Automatically Recruiting...
3. Easy to get started right away.

If Making BIG MONEY is YOUR #1 Reason
for Starting a Home-Based Business You are
Going to Love This Pay Plan That Can Put YOU
in The Money Fast!
Earn $1,200 Net Per 2x2 Matrix (or more)
Per Month Including 100% Matching Bonuses!*

Activate Additional CC's For More Income!
Earn $1,200+ Per 2x2 Matrix Every Month

The Product is:
The Automated Recruiting System
Where the Company Sponsors 2 People for YOU!

Earn 100% Matching Bonuses
On ALL Personally Sponsored Members!

The 2x2 Re-Cycler is a PROVEN MONEY MAKING MACHINE And, Unlike Any of The Other Re-Cycler Programs During The Last Several Years The ReGenesis 2x2 All Star Team of Developers, Designers And Online Marketers Have Positioned The Streamline Online Marketing System to Evolve Into The Most Creative And Largest Money Making 2x2 Re-Cycler Program Ever Created!

Each Commission Center That You Activate in ReGenesis Pays Out as Much as $1,200 Per Month in Commissions to You Including $400 Per 2x2 Cycle and 100% Matching Bonuses. You Can Earn More Money by Actively Sponsoring Others Yourself!

The Internet is altering the shape of the Network Marketing Industry and ReGenesis is one of the very few companies that will be leading the way as this opportunity buzzes its way through the Global Internet Community! We understand those who use the Internet to build a Network Marketing Company and those positioning themselves now, at the top and at the beginning of this explosive new company, will prosper as this Worldwide opportunity explodes!

Sign Ups Are Coming In Fast!
Please Write The Following Information Down
You Will Need It For Your Application:
Sponsor : Eileen Hester
Sponsor's ID # : 14145
Sponsor's Email : ehester@suddenlink.net

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